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UNIT CODE : 500311107

UNIT DESCRIPTOR : This unit covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes in promoting career growth and advancement.

Italicized terms are elaborated in the
Range of Variables
1. Integrate personal objectives with organizational goals 1.1 Personal growth and work plans are pursued towards improving the qualifications set for the profession
1.2 Intra- and interpersonal relationships is are maintained in the course of managing oneself based on performance evaluation
1.3 Commitment to the organization and its goal is demonstrated in the performance of duties

1. Set and meet work priorities 2.1 Competing demands are prioritized to achieve personal, team and organizational goals and objectives.
2.2 Resources are utilized efficiently and effectively to manage work priorities and commitments
2.3 Practices along economic use and maintenance of equipment and facilities are followed as per established procedures

2. Maintain professional growth and development 3.1 Trainings and career opportunities are identified and availed of based on job requirements
3.2 Recognitions are sought/received and demonstrated as proof of career advancement
3.3 Licenses and/or certifications relevant to job and career are obtained and renewed


1. Evaluation 1.1 Performance Appraisal
1.2 Psychological Profile
1.3 Aptitude Tests

2. Resources 2.1 Human
2.2 Financial
2.3 Technology
2.3.1 Hardware
2.3.2 Software

3. Trainings and career opportunities 3.1 Participation in training programs
3.1.1 Technical
3.1.2 Supervisory
3.1.3 Managerial
3.1.4 Continuing Education
3.2 Serving as Resource Persons in conferences and workshops

4. Recognitions 4.1 Recommendations
4.2 Citations
4.3 Certificate of Appreciations
4.4 Commendations
4.5 Awards
4.6 Tangible and Intangible Rewards

5. Licenses and/or certifications 5.1 National Certificates
5.2 Certificate of Competency
5.3 Support Level Licenses
5.4 Professional Licenses


1. Critical Aspects of Competency Assessment requires evidence that the candidate:
1.1 Attained job targets within key result areas (KRAs)
1.2 Maintained intra - and interpersonal relationship in the course of managing oneself based on performance evaluation
1.3 Completed trainings and career opportunities which are based on the requirements of the industries
1.4 Acquired and maintained licenses and/or certifications according to the requirement of the qualification

2. Underpinning Knowledge 2.1 Work values and ethics (Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, etc.)
2.2 Company policies
2.3 Company operations, procedures and standards
2.4 Fundamental rights at work including gender sensitivity
2.5 Personal hygiene practices
3. Underpinning Skills 3.1 Appropriate practice of personal hygiene
3.2 Intra and Interpersonal skills
3.3 Communication skills
4. Resource Implications The following resources MUST be provided:
4.1 Workplace or assessment location
4.2 Case studies/scenarios
5. Methods of Assessment Competency may be assessed through:
5.1 Portfolio Assessment
5.2 Interview
5.3 Simulation/Role-plays
5.4 Observation
5.5 Third Party Reports
5.6 Exams and Tests
6. Context of Assessment 6.1 Competency may be assessed in the work place or in a simulated work place setting